More Top Digital Artists

Here is another list of 10 interesting digital artists from Behance.

1. JR Schmidt – Some of his work looks like creations made with psychedelic colored Lego blocks. Others look like landscapes in video games. Not sure why this work was rated so highly. But his specialty is 3D art and motion graphics which do  not come across in the single frames looked at.

2. Steve Fraschini – He does a lot of work with logos like those of Nike, some where he riffs on the logo itself and others where he incorporates it into other pictures. He does a few with no logos.

3. Andrea Mancuso – Where to start? Some of the most interesting are of figures that look like they are melting. There are some scifi  and fantasy figures. Some look kind of like the minions in Despicable Me. Then a range of others too diverse to describe.

4. Chris LaBrooy – Once again an interesting range of work. Depictions of cars or trucks bent or modified in interesting ways. A Time cover showing Made in the USA. Cheese, cheese and more cheese for Pringles. A sculpture of sneakers made with metal in front of a high rise building. Very effective. A number of pictures with letters in them in different ways. The letters are in different textures and materials. One might look like plush toy material, another food, another metal.

5. Victor Ortiz – A lot of 2D poster art style work. Very stylized. But within that constraint a wide variety of designs.

6. Justin Maller – Feel like a broken record. Once again a range of styles and subjects. Some of stylized sports stars. Others with lots of angles, a bit like cubist, more like the crystal woman in the X-Men but with color. Animals, people and objects like shoes depicted this way. There are several paintings / creations that look like glowing crystals. They are extremely captivating. A range of other styles/subjects as well.

7. Benjamin Voldman – A lot of art that looks like Claymation with some of the characters looking like minions from Despicable Me.

8. Dennis Mundt – A creature that looks like it came from the Simpsons, Star Wars type characters, Sponge Bob, animals dressed in odd ways.

9. Obery Nicholas – Mostly in black and white. Some fine portraits of Stephen King and Salvador Dali. Very detailed animal drawings, sometime with things on them, not sure what, not excactly clothing. Some women and other more abstract drawings.

10. Timothy J. Reynolds – 3D of buildings, but looking like the models built up from foam core. Others that would fit in in Saturday morning cartoons. Stylized landscapes and buildings.

Till next time!