Why You Should Attend the ASMA Conference

The American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) has for the last four decades promoted marine art and history alongside other national and international institutions. In this spirit, the society launched the first National Marine Art Conference (NMAC) in 2016. Here are some of the exciting actions that make the event a must attend.

National ExhibitionASMA Conference

During the 2016 conference, there was the opening of the 17th National Exhibition at the Muscarelle Museum.  The display ran from 9th September to 11th November 2016 and then traveled to other museums. The rare opportunity allowed the attendees to interact with the finest pieces. The journey is expected to complete in January 2018 at the Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic CT.

Painting Demos from acclaimed artists

Creativity gets the better part of the programs. In the first conference, there were workshops, demonstrations, and technical art lecturers from among others, Leonard Mizerek and Neal Hughes. The year 2017 saw brought the magic of CW Mundy and Don Demers to the podium. Scott Penegar also gave an intriguing demonstration on stone carving.


Now, for the future of the marine arts, there must be an engaging discussion on the current trends. The highlight of this panel discussion is allowing artists to showcase their talent and relate their images to the society. The interaction is a great way to learn from each other and promote diverse views.


The ASMA members are environment conscious and understand the relationship between nature, human activities, and policies. The maritime management influences the future of marine arts. The conference cannot end without discussing climate change and what mariners can do to avoid adverse effects. During the 2016 event, the talks focused on the Arctic Ocean.

Celebration time

Play and work do great with artists! Toward the end of the program, members take advantage of the breathtaking scenery. It is not a wonder that the meetings take place in tantalizing places. Who can resist the allure of Williamsburg? From the historic sights, peaceful country, posh restaurants, to the unique shopping, there was something for everyone. The 2017 activity list included an evening cruise to Morgan Point on the historic Prudence boat.

Tips for enjoying ASMA Conference

  • Register early. The events take place in hotels which have limited rooms. Although the society tries to find alternative accommodation nearby, you might not get the best deal. In 2017, the first 95 registrants were rewarded with a cruise!
  • Take advantage of the discounts. The hotels offer group rooms at affordable prices.

Going by the fun-filled activities in the last two conferences, be ready to grab your place in the 2018 event so that you don’t miss out.