Zoll Studios

Zoll Studios is an art school in the Baltimore area. There are a couple of others, but it might be considered the best of 3 good schools. They have some very talented instructors. One interesting one is Palden Hamilton, whose mother was a princess from a small kingdom of Sikkim that is now part of Nepal. He recently gave a talk about his travels there, showing photographs and pictures of the paintings and drawings he did while there. It was very entertaining and interesting.

They teach portrait painting, sculpture, landscape painting, still lives, almost anything you can think of, and in a variety of mediums. Carol Thompson is another teacher there who does very nice work.

The students are quite impressive as well. Of course they have beginners but many rapidly progress. They also have classes for children. You would not believe the work that these kids are doing. It is quite impressive.

Annual Show

Dog Portrait Scotty & Oreo

Each year they have a big show where they show off the works of the instructors and the students. The paintings and sculptures are for sale and usually a good number of them get sold. Considering there are usually something like 700 paintings hung, this means a fair number of paintings sold. And it indicates that they must be fairly good or they wouldn’t sell.

In 2015 it is going to be November 20-22. They always open with a reception on Friday from 6 to 9 which includes free
wine and a buffet table. There is usually a good crowd, in fact sometimes it is hard to move around. But a good time. What more could you ask for, good art and a glass of wine in your hand.

Dog Portrait Springer

If you go, you will be impressed by the one room where they show the works of the children. Some of the students in middle school and high school are so good that they are shown with the works by the adults.

To give an idea of the quality of the work, to the left are a couple of paintings done by one of the adult students, Carol McClees. These are quick photos that don’t do justice to the paintings. Come and see the wide variety of work on display.